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TRANSPORTES GENERALES COMES is a Company that has been dedicated to road transport of passengers since the beginning of the 20th century, corresponding to the “CADIZ-ALGECIRAS-LA LINEA DE LA CONCEPCION” line and intermediate points, through “VEJER and TARIFA”, this being a concession that was granted to MR. ALEJANDRO IVISON PASTOR by the Central Commission for Road Transport in the month of April, 1927. 


Years later this concession, along with the “CADIZ and ALCALA DE LOS GAZULES” concession, was transferred to MRS. ASUNCION COMES MERINO, who continued with the company throughout the years in view of the increase in this company’s activity in the passenger road transport sector, duly constituting the public limited company TRANSPORTES GENERALES COMES in the month of August, 1971, transferring the totality of administrative concessions and currently representing the unification concession num. 259, covering diverse passenger road transport services, that is to say, that this administrative title is currently denominated “public service commission for regular road transport of passengers, luggage and merchandise between “SEVILLE-ALGECIRAS-RONDA with Hijuelas”, V-3.342;JA-349; granted by the General Directorate for Transport of the Government of Andalusia on the date of May 5 of 1981, and published in the Official State Gazette Num. 223 on the date of September 17 of the same year. 

In the year 1989 said commission subjected itself to validation or substitution procedures in accordance to that arranged in the 2nd Transitory Disposition of the enforced Transport Law and in the Order of the Public Works Council and Government Transport. 

Having elapsed somewhat more than 10 years and through Resolution of the General Directorate for Transport, on the date of February 22 of 2000, published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Andalusia, num. 45, dated April 15 of the same year, it was resolved to definitively grant the concession for permanent regular public service and general use of road transport of passengers between “SEVILLE-CADIZ-ALGECIRAS-RONDA with Hijuelas” (VJA-147) to TRANSPORTES GENERALES COMES, S.A., in substitution of concession V-3342;JA-349 (EC-JA-060).  

Apart from these regular services covering road transport of passengers, TRANSPORTES GENERALES COMES, S.A. also carries out other regular services. Thus, this Company has been transporting over 4000 workers on a daily basis from the IZAR Factories (Astilleros Espaņoles, S.A.) in Cadiz and Matagorda (Puerto Real), as well as employees from the company DELPHI (General Motors) in Puerto Real and over 2000 workers from the INTERQUISA, PETRESA and CEPSA Factories and Refineries, which are all located in the area of Campo de Gibraltar and pertaining to the CEPSA Group. 

Likewise this Company is dedicated to school transport, carrying out diverse services that have been contracted with the Council for Education and Science, covering different points of the province and even in the area of Campo de Gibraltar.  

TRANSPORTES GENERALES COMES, S.A. is an Andalusian and “Gaditan” Company, which has been collaborating with the Public Administration on a national, regional and local level in all that representing increased service quality and passenger attention in this region. This is likewise the case with passenger transport from the “Barriada del Rio San Pedro (Puerto Real), which is carried out in accordance to the first Programme Contract that has been subscribed with the Administration, that is to say, the Council for Transport of the Government of Andalusia, representing the first pilot Agreement signed in Andalusia between the Public Administration and a Private Company. 

Likewise this Company offers a ticket-pass system that is subsidised by the Government of Andalusia, by way of a contract that has been subscribed between the Andalusian Transport Federation (FANDABUS), of which we are a member and the ANDALUSIAN FOUNDATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICES, previously I.A.S.S. (Andalusian Institute for Social Services), consisting in a reduction of 50% in the price of the ticket for pensioners and senior citizens.  

Within the tourist sector, this Company has been collaborating with their fleet of vehicles with the All VD Card for all scopes, covering high quality, subscription services.  

Having summarised a brief history of TRANSPORTES GENERALES COMES, S.A.’s activity, here below we will now outline the structure components of this Company in schematic fashion, with these being fundamental for execution of their services.



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