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Currently TRANSPORTES GENERALES COMES, apart from normal tickets and in some cases return tickets, also offers BONUS CARDS and PURSE CARDS, which offer the user diverse discounts depending on the number of trips that are contracted or the amount of money that is returned in the fashion of recharge. 

The first modality (BONUS CARD) only offers discounts for the contracted line service.

The second modality (PURSE CARD) may be indistinctly used on any of the lines, with the exception of those subscribed to the BAHIA DE CADIZ TRANSPORT CONSORTIUM.

In the case of the latter, travellers may also use the cards pertaining to the Transport Consortium itself, which can also be purchased at any of our Ticket Sales Offices. 
In the case of our Combined Services with other Companies (CADIZ – HUELVA, CADIZ –GRANADA, CADIZ – ALMERIA, CADIZ – JAEN, CADIZ – CARTAGENA), the bonus cards will always be admissible, as long as the tickets are purchased at our Ticket Sales Office or on the Transportes Generales COMES’ buses. 
For more information, please call the Customer Attention Telephone: 956 291 168, where any doubt whatsoever will be duly resolved. 


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