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Transportes Generales COMES is a leading company in the passenger road transport sector in the province of Cadiz.

Apart from this it is one of the leading companies in Andalusia, as can be verified by their extensive and contrasted experience throughout more than 70 years of history, dating from their very beginning. 


Currently the company covers regular bus lines that directly or indirectly communicate the totality of towns in the province of Cadiz, ranging from towns found in the “Gaditan” Sierra to those found along the entire coastline.  

In combination with other companies, it also covers service on regular lines that depart from CADIZ, reaching the remaining capitals of Andalusia and Murcia. 

The company is a shareholder in other sector companies such as DAINCO S.A., commissioner of the regular Galicia-Algeciras service that joins the Peninsula from north to south. 

The company likewise holds participation in the firm that handles the Plaza de Armas Bus Station in Seville, as well as the company MOVELIA TECNOLOGÍAS, S.L., constituted by leading companies in the passenger transport sector in our country as a unique Internet Ticket Sales Platform and for the development of new technologies applied to this sector.

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